A Closer Look AtWhat We Do


Website Design

Beautiful, effective, proven website designs - expertly coded and Google optimized. Each website is masterfully crafted for the unique style and needs of our clients.


Local Search

Ranking at the top of the Google Map Pack is a specialty of ours. Our entire program is built around driving traffic through top rankings on Google local Search.


SEO Optimization

Our SEO program is well-known throughout the industry. We have built powerful partnerships which allow us to deliver incredible rankings at lower budgets.


Digital Marketing

Because we specialize ONLY in the fencing industry, we understand how to effectively position your company as the top choice of customers within your local market.

Dotcom Group makes websites for fence companies


Our website design and digital marketing programs are specifically tailored to the unique needs of fence companies. Because of our extreme focus and our understanding of the fencing industry - we have created the perfect solution for companies who want to grow without breaking the bank.

  • Google Business Optimization
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Plug-and-Play Integration with Top Fence Industry Software and Services
  • Directory Listings
  • Backlink Building
  • SEO - Optimized for Google and BING


We focus our mission objectives on 4 fundamental and crucial victory conditions.

Website design for fence companies

Website Design Our websites are designed and coded to the highest levels of quality. Trust your eyes. You can literally "see" the difference. What's under the surface is even better!

Website design for fence companies

Local Search We are specialists in optimizing your local search results on all major local search and map search services like Google and Bing.

Website design for fence companies

SEO Optimization We deliver the best organic search results in the industry at this price point. Only DotCom at their highest service level can do it better!

Website design for fence companies

Digital Marketing We also provide basic support for your other digital marketing efforts. Our focus on the fence industry allows us to help in powerful ways.

Happy Fence company website client

Mission Accomplished Recent Project

Here is our latest happy soldier - now serving in the Bunny Army.

We are building our front line, one soldier (website) at a time. Would you like to see more of our work? CONTACT US, and we will be happy to show you more!

Partners we work with making websites for fence companies

A few years ago when my husband and I first bought our house, my parents told their Tesla to navigate to my house. Apparently, my first and last name together sounded like “Commander Bunny” to the car.

So directions to my house are now stored in the car’s list of favorite destinations as COMMANDER BUNNY. It has since become one of my nicknames.

Amanda and Matt have sharpened their skills as lead web designers for DotCom, the fence industry's largest and most successful digital marketing agency. Amanda is also the daughter of Sam & Anna, the owners of DotCom.

Many newer or smaller fence companies cannot yet partner with DotCom, so Amanda and Matt created Commander Bunny to fulfill the need for exceptional digital marketing services at an accessible and affordable price for these companies.

With Amanda and Matt at the helm and with the support of several DotCom team members, Commander Bunny is poised to become an established force within the fence industry.

Amanda and Matt have worked on nearly 100 fence company websites in their role with DotCom.

Commander Bunny launched, on Day 1, with 6 new fence companies who were willing to take a chance with our new start-up.

Interestingly, even though Commander Bunny is a “new” company, we have worked on more fence industry websites than any other agency except for DotCom.

Our program is based almost exactly on the awesome program offered by DotCom, only scaled back to a level that smaller fence companies can afford.

We create beautiful, effective websites for fence companies.

We aggressively market for LOCAL SEARCH, optimizing for Google My Business, Bing Local Listings, and all of the major VOICE SEARCH platforms.

We are able to deliver a better solution for smaller fence companies than any other program we are familiar with.

The entire DotCom team (including ourselves) loves the fence industry. There were so many great people who contacted DotCom who simply were not in a position to afford the world-class package that DotCom delivers.

All of us at DotCom felt terrible when we had to turn away these great people.

So, with the blessing of Sam and Anna (the owners of DotCom) and the entire DotCom team - we put together a program that does not compete at all with DotCom and allows us to help more great fencers!

Yes! Our “day job” is still with the awesome team at DotCom. They are literally our friends and our family.

However, for now at least, we can easily manage a small number of our own clients. In fact, Commander Bunny gets tons of support from the DotCom team - which allows us to serve our clients well.

Our website design and digital marketing services are currently limited to 1 single program while we are perfecting our efficiency and effectiveness. Our current program is set to exactly half of the awesome program offered by DotCom. This puts our current program at $1,350/mo, with a 3-month minimum commitment. We do have plans to offer other programs in the future.

Nope. We are 100% fencers! We live, breathe, eat, and sleep fencing.

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